• Accurate Alphabet €15,00

    Do you need help with Dyslexia Learning Books , or need help with Dyslexia Teaching Books

    Accurate Alphabet - Attractive uncluttered colouring pictures for children to colour which aids concentration.

    Clear instructions on the new positive approach to teaching the names & sounds of the letters of the alphabet as required by the National Curriculum.

    The pictures give accurate phonic links, for example: -

    - GATE for 'g' (not GIRAFFE which gives a 'j' sound as in JAM)

    - FISH for 'f' (not FLOWERS which is the blend 'fl')

    Written by Angela Tregear Liddicoat of Tregear Books, this photocopiable set of attractive 'uncluttered', pictures for children / students to colour and place in their usual individual folders, or for teachers to enlarge (if wanted) and use for ART WORK and then a WALL FRIEZE, will help BUSY teachers and Parents.

    The pictures, which are attractive to colour, give ACCURATE phonic links eg. GATE for the sound (g) and not GIRAFFE which denotes the sound of (j) and FISH which sounds a clear (f) and not FLOWERS which denotes the blend (fl). Neither are words like xylophone used for the letter (x) sounding (ks) as in FOX, because the initial sound in xylophone is clearly (z)

    The recommended teaching method, used in conjunction with my Accurate Alphabet book, is a positive and FAIL SAFE METHOD, because the child / student always says the name of the picture first....followed by the sound last. (This is the opposite way round to the old more familiar method which demoralised the child with a poor symbolic memory.) This approach gives the pupil a chance to say the word and to 'hear' it and 'feel' it before saying the initial sound....presented this way round the child can hardly fail to produce the correct response (e.g apple....a)(gate....g)(queen....kw) etc. BECAUSE the children constantly get it right, their confidencea and learning skills are maintained and a good self image, which is the essential basis of all learning, established. Furthermore the progress of children / students who have a natural aptitude towards language will be accelerated, whilst children with little or no pre-school experience, or those with, as yet, undetected learning difficulties (such as poor linking skilss, poor symbolic memory or concentrating problems), will be catered for by this positive, confidence building multi sensory method. In this way many problems will be headed off, and a confident, if slower, start than the other children will be made. For such children it may be necessary to develop a home learning support link and pages from this book will also help with this.

    This book contains 47 pages.

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