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    Throughout my many years of dyslexia teaching I have discovered that many dyslexic children / dyslexic students through no fault of their own, do not possess a natural gift for language and its various aspects. Despite adequate intelligence, good linguistic backgrounds, happy supportive homes and good teachers, they fail to make adequate progress.

    Having mastered the single sounds, some children / students (especially if they have had speech therapy) find remembering, and accurately sounding consonant 'blends' a problem. It is helpful then to take the same approach as that shown in this book, The Accurate Alphabet. The method used is to say the word 'frog' and then to say 'fr', say the word 'crab' and then say 'cr'. Having heard the word and felt the sounds on their mouth, the child / student should have no problem in reproducing accurately the sound (cr) rather than 'ker' or 'fer' as so many children do. This correct response gains praise and positive reinforcement, fostering confidence and a good self image, so necessary for successful learning to take place.

    Make a folder for the child / student who needs to learn in this way and encourage them to colour the attractive pictures. This will help those children with 'poor symbolic memory' to use their usually much better 'pictorial memory' to learn the sound effectively. Colouring in also helps those with concentration problems, as the time it takes to coulour in the pictures is enough to transfer the idea from the short term to the long term memory.

    I am confident this book will continue to help many children / students to make a happy and successful start.


    The "fail safe" teaching method presented in this book (as in the Accurate Alphabet) is that the pupil always says the name of the picture first followed by the sound.

    This approach gives the pupil a chance to say the word, to hear it & feel it before reproducing it. This method produces confident and rapid progress.

    This book by Angela Tregear Liddicoat also contains a consolidation game of SYNTHETIC PHONICS Bingo.

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