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    Over the past 15 years I have found that many dyslexia children, dyslexic students and adults find difficulty in spelling words in the English language which sound exactly the same, but are spelt differently in order to convey a different meaning. eg. wood/would, there/their, here/hear, current/currant and so on.

    To develop these learning skills, I have developed various techniques to aid the memory such as mnemonics, association ideas, or 'picture' words. Some of the learning skills are from pupils/ students, themselves.

    I have also included ideas to combat some common ¨traps ¨ such as brought /bought...and an idea for how imaginative memory aids can be developed for remembering Math´s words and their function, such as numerator, denominator. Teachers and parents can elaborate this picture format to help kids with learning difficulties.

    For those children with short term memory problems, the time taken to colour in the letters and pictures is sufficient to transfer the idea from the short term memory to the long term memory, in a pleasant way.

    Help towards correct spelling is especially important now that the National Curriculum puts particular emphasis on it.

    The pace of learning words from this homonyms book varies from child to child, but as a general rule a child with spelling difficulties usually learns one a week, whilst others work at their own pace. A brief look each day at the completed work is an enjoyable approach to 'over' learning and is ideal for use in the class room and for home schooling.

    This is the 2nd book in a series by Angela Tregear Liddicoat. The 1st Book is compiled of mnemonics for a list of irregularly spelt 'basic' words which are commonly misspelt. Book 3 is called 'Spelling Lists Can be Fun' and addresses itself, in an amusing way, to those lists of words sent home from school to be learnt for homework, and a follow up test.

    Here then is book 2 of a series of spelling / colouring books designed to teach spelling in an amusing way, ensuring at the same time that they are actually remembered.

    This book consists of 18 pages to colour, 4 pages instructions & 4 pages to make a game up.

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