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    This dyslexia book written by Angela Tregear Liddicoat, together with Yellow book 4 and Purple book 5, form the series "Don't Let Spelling Get You Down" , doubles as a reading programme for those dyslexic kids that need reading help. This Book incorporates all of the various learning styles descibed below these picture samples...thus maximizing learning opportunity and creating confidence upon which further successful learning can be built.

    Children learn spellings in a variety of ways; some look down a list of spellings and absorb them quickly - they are the lucky ones so far as school spelling lists are concerned; other children, who have a superior pictorial memory, are able to recall a set of 'likely family' words e.g. the 'ai' family: rain, train, pain, snail, by drawing a picture containing all of those words, and re-visualising that picture when one of those words is needed; they already know how to spell a key word such as 'train', and make the link that the word 'paint', if in that set, has the 'a' sound spelt 'ai' also; other children remember a set of words from a narrative (story) e.g. the maid left a trail of paint from her pail like a snail as she ran in the rain to catch the train. They also link a spelling pattern from a key word, but remember the set initially from the narrative.

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